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Automated folder creation in SharePoint - from DevOps work item

User and business challenge

Working on features, user stories and even tasks, you need a location to create, manage and collaborate on different types of documents, to be able to solve the issue as a team.

User guide

  1. Type CreateFolder in the discussion field - Save

  2. Information on the card that a folder is created

  3. On the link page on the card you have a clickable link to the folder

Solution - using webhook and Microsoft Power Platform - Cloud Flow

Feel free to contact me in the contact form on this page, and I will send you all the details.

  1. Flow triggers on new comment

  2. Filters on the selected command work "CreateFolder"

  3. Checks if the Custom.Documents has value, if yes terminate

  4. Create SharePoint folder

  5. Add link to work item

  6. Set value in the Custom.Documents field - informing the user and avoid new folder creation on same work item

First version supports features and user stories - a generic solution for all items will be made.

We have also made a "pro" solution that had dynamics support regarding folder (from document location in dynamics) and projects in devops related to Customers in Dynamics.

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